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365(20) Day 17

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Alright, let's be honest it's not really day 17 of my picture-a-day because tomorrow is April (it's probably more like day 75 or something). has happened in a big way!! So this is my attempt to try and get started again.

At the end of January we sold our house and we only had 2 weeks to be moved out. The house we were moving into wasn't quite finished, but thanks to some amazing family. We did it! The new house got finished and the old one got cleaned and we all got moved out and into the new.

February literally flew by. Between after school activities, parent teacher conferences, school ski day trips, Jury Duty, Valentines Day, and everything else in-between, on top of trying to get moved in, it left just as soon as it came.

March! Wow! Just as we were starting to get settled and into "normal". We had our whole life rocked and rolled along with the rest of the world! Coronavirus, also known as COVID19, hit and boy is it hitting hard. The whole world has literally shut down in hopes to stop the spread of the virus. Kids are now out of school and I get to help with teaching them and doing homeschool. Churches and Temples are closed, we do all of our Sunday worshiping from home now. Dance and sport activities are cancelled and we are now on complete social distancing/quarantined. Everyone pretty much stays home. To help top things off on Tuesday here in Idaho we had a 6.5 earthquake and on Wednesday it snowed. Everything is crazy or so it feels.

To say I was great at keeping my picture a day goal alive would be a complete lie. To be honest, I have really struggled at wanting to get it back out again. Lots of overwhelm, stress and major anxiety has been felt by me and everyone. BUT...I was blessed to do a wedding just last week before everything shut down (be sure to check the blog under recent sessions, hopefully I will get a post about it soon). It rejuvenated me and I am wanting to get my camera out again and start shooting. It's a great time to do since the kids are home and I can hopefully document this new quarantine life we now live.

Needless to say, I didn't go the past 60+ days without taking any photos so this post is will just be a combination of some of my favorites. How are all of you coping with COVID19? Have you found your new routine, your new normal, your favorite way to keep in touch when we have to be distant? I would love to hear your thoughts!!

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