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I am looking for a couple of families that would be willing to help me out with a model call. Saturday October 8th at Pillar Falls or Friday October 14th at Teepee Rocks. If you are interested or would like to learn more about it follow the link below and fill out the questionnaire

Link to apply for Model Call:

I am a lifestyle photographer. That means during your session you can expect for the focus to be on the moments, less on poses, more on connection, less on forced smiles. I am looking for families who are comfortable to be themselves together and have some fun at your session. If this sounds like something you'd love, then I am excited to hear from you on the survey.

This was our last session on Saturday night from our model calls down in St. George. The sun was setting and it was getting cold. By the end of the session I could barely move my fingers fast enough to work my camera. Their little girls were adorable and endured the cold so well. Mom and Dad were amazing and the whole family modeled for us so well. The light was magical and the love they have for one another shines through in these images. Thank you Uluave Family for letting us photograph you beautiful family.

This was the second session I was able to shoot in St. George. The 5 of us photographers split up and then halfway through our session we would switch families. Unfortunately the weather did not hold up. By the time I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family it was starting to rain and the little kiddos were ready to be done. I was still able to snap a few beautiful images before we had to call it quits. I loved everything about the styling of their clothing, moms dress, the bonnet, and the colors all just blended in so well with the environment. It was so fun to photograph this family even though our time was short. Thank you Bundy family for enduring the weather for all of us.

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