About Me


Photography is my creative outlet!  I specialize in children photography and family portrait photography.  I love to capture "the perfect", "the not so perfect", and "everything in-between" moments.  A photograph allows a moment to live when time continues to move on.  My goal is to capture the love families have for one another, print their favorite images and hang them up to keep their memories alive.













Being married to an amazing, patient, loving husband, along with our four adorable, sometimes crazy kiddos; they remind me everyday to live in the moment and enjoy life.  They keep me busy and on my toes but I wouldn't want it any other way.  Best part is they love and support me with my photography dream.


I have loved photography since I was young.  I studied in High School and College as well as the New York Institute of Photography and am still continually taking classes to better my craft. What I find matters the most is the artwork that is produced so the memories of an event can remind us of the good and happy times, so a loved one can be remembered after they passed and so we can have beautiful artwork for our walls. 


I would love to photograph your family and decorate your walls so your memories can keep on living, please contact me and let's schedule your photo session today!!


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