Science Experiment. We were watching a fun science show yesterday and the kids wanted to do the experiment today. They wanted to see if the pencil would poke through a bag of water and not spill. It worked and it was fun for them to try out. To see more fun experiments you should check out Science Max on YouTube.

Dish Duty! It's a lovely thing. With this COVID19 in full effect we have finally established a true chore chart for dishes and welcomed in the boys to the joys of dish washing. The girls were very excited that they don't have to be the only ones doing the. Do your kids do the dishes?

You can take dance away from the Dancer, but you can't take the Dancer away from dance. The girls dance teachers are amazing have are having classes online for them so they can stay flexible and fit during quarantine. They have really been working on their flexibility lately and have already started to notice a difference.

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