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The cutest little dancers ever! All year long dancers prepare and prep for dance competition that starts in the spring. These little cuties were so ready for dance competition and then Covid-19 hit. The weekend of the first competition was the weekend it felt like the world shut down. My girls were included in this competition, tears were shed from working so hard and not being able to perform. Once things started opening up I decided just because we didn't get to dance doesn't mean we can't document their adorable dance costumes. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing these girls. They shine inside and out with beauty, kindness and love. I was glad I could capture them and who they are!

This family has the most ADORABLE girls ever!! Seriously I felt like most of their pictures were taken out of a fairy tale story. So cute and fun and they looked so good in front of the camera! I was able to help with the styling of their clothes and I just loved how the movement of their dresses added so much more to their session. Anytime you can add layers, dresses, cardigans, hats, blankets it always helps to add more emotion and feeling to the images.

I really enjoyed spending time with this family! Everyone was so photogenic and loved not having to "look" at the camera. I love capturing families just being them and they were amazing!

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