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I got invited by 4 other photographers to travel down to St. George and do a model call. It's the most sessions I've photographed in such a short amount of time and I LOVED it. We got to meet some pretty amazing families who were pretty awesome. First of all St. George is supposed to be warm and sunny. But unfortunately a storm rolled in just in time for our photoshoot weekend. Friday was high of 45 and windy and rainy. We had a lot of debate of should we continue or cancel. But we decided to do what we could. I am so glad we did. The sky was AMAZING and put on such a great show. We didn't get to shoot as long as we had hoped for before the clouds opened up and decided to poor on us. But we did get some amazing shots.

I was able to help the Dodds family style their clothing. I loved how it all turned out and how it looked with our gorgeous backdrop, Watchman's Tower. We did have some last minute style changes so they could be a little warmer with the colder weather. All in all they turned out amazing and was so grateful this beautiful family was so willing to keep shooting even though it wasn't the most ideal situation. These kids were absolute rockstars and I think it's safe to say they had a great time.

I think I am one lucky person to get to know these amazing girls! Best friends and one is graduating this May. It was so much fun to go out and take their pictures. I had seen an area up in our south hills where the trees had burned from a fire a couple summers ago that looked stunning with the snow. I kept thinking how pretty a red dress would look amongst the trees. These girls were willing to be my models and go on an adventure. I was so excited when it has snowed the day before. We were going to have so many places to take the pictures. But of course, it was a warm day and most of it had melted by the time we made it up there. We still got some beautiful pictures and these girls are amazing. I am so excited to see where they go and what they do with the future they have before them. Thanks Emma and Natalee for letting me drag your through the south hills on an adventure.

My sister and her adorable family came up to visit and for a photoshoot! She has the cutest kiddos and it was so fun to have one on one time with their family. We went out to the canyon rim and played. It was chilly and threatening rain. But it was fun and we got some great pictures of their family.

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